Standardized Test

Standardized testing is an issue amongst students, teachers, and adults ever since No Child Left Behind was passed on January 8, 2002. Around the time where standardized testing starts, many students get flooded with anxiety and stress worrying about the results. Some student takes on average about ten through twenty standardized tests a year. Making an average about 113 various types of tests until senior graduation.
If one asked, “What is student achievement?” Most people say, “Student achievement is what a student achieves learning in school.” and not, “Student achievement is the score of a student on their standardized test.” Standardized testing does not record student achievement, only a small sample of knowledge and skill are recorded. Scores are not the same as student achievement. Student achievement is something outstanding the student has done over a time. Standardized tests don’t record creativity, critical thinking, resilience, motivation, persistence, and a whole lot more. Students must show this by presenting themselves, not by a simple test.
Test don’t show student development. How can one tell how a child is growing mentally, emotionally, physically, and intellectually by the scores of a student? There is little information to draw inferences on the scores of a student. Children from different backgrounds are taking the same level generation education. If a student from France had stayed in America for just one year were to take this test, it would be unfair to the student. If the same student were to progress in learning to take the test the following year, we would not be able to note how a student has started or progressed throughout his school years.
Schools need to create a way to excite young students for the tests, since the test creates a negative mood around the school. Some schools are giving away merchandise or singing a catchy song and exchanging the lyrics for test taking. The mood of testing has been so bad that children may vomit during the test, some standardized tests have a section to help the student out after vomiting. As grades progress, more students are overloaded with tests, such as worrying for midterms, finals, or regular tests outside of standardized tests. Schools realize the pressure of test taking, however many schools don’t do much about it.
Creators of standardized testing state that they aren’t narrowing the curriculum for students, they are focusing on the important basics skills that students need to master. However, instruction time is being consumed by test preparations. Some classes are skipped for test preps and cannot be made up. Some say stricter standard and increased testing are better preparing students for college. Excessive testing teaches good test taking, but doesn’t prepare for productive adult lives.
I suggest that we create computer portfolios that students, teachers and parents can address best uses of testing in assessing student process. It is a fair way to evaluate what the teacher is teaching, so teachers can stay in profession and learn an average on mistakes most students make.
In conclusion, standardized tests do not allow us to measure student achievement and development and schools need to students to be excited about tests. Standardized tests are inefficient ways to score students, America needs to change this, we need a fairer way to access students who will thrive in college.


The Main Two Hedgehogs?: A Sonamy Ship


Sonic and Amy

Okay I will be very honest here. This ship is the grand original relationship in the series Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy Rose has been around since Sonic CD, 1993. From the start of the series, Amy was meant to be a princess who was captured by Metal Sonic in the game. However, soon after Amy had gone through various changes during the duration of time the creators were making the game.


Sonic CD with Sonic, Amy, and Metal Sonic


Amy had gone through 3 designs.

One in the book, in 1992. Then a year later, one in 1993 for Sonic CD. Then soon after in 1998, the current design.


All throughout her creation, she had been said to have a love and passion for Sonic. For he did indeed save her from the clutches of the evil Doctor Robutnik, or more known as Doctor Eggman now.

In the franchise they use Amy and Sonic’s relationship as a comedic relief or just as a relationship. However, there is just one problem…

We do not know if Sonic loves Amy back! OH NO!!!

Despite this, throughout all the years and creation of Sonic, the creators, aka SEGA have dropped the fans a few points showing Sonic shares affection back!

Sonic Adventure (1998)
Amy Rose: Hey, Sonic! Long time no see!
Sonic: Ahh! Amy!
Amy Rose: What’s wrong with you anyway? Listen, this little birdy’s got in trouble. I think you should be it’s bodyguard for a while!
Sonic: WHAT?
Amy Rose: Doesn’t matter, we’ll just tag along anyway!
Sonic: No way! Uh-uh!
[Sonic runs off]
Amy Rose: Hey! Don’t run away! OH!

So more so in the current series called Sonic Boom! In Sonic Boom, Sonic shows more affection to Amy than we have seen before. It is very adorable and romantic. They even show it on the first episode.


Despite this, many people see that Amy does get annoying chasing Sonic all the time, however she does show a lot of dedication to him. Many people do not ship this though… Some people ship Sonally, also known as Sonic and Sally. I disagree since this is all just in the Archie comics and nowhere else.

I do believe the creators ship these two since they have been together since the near beginning. Even more so how they allow Amy to always catch up with Sonic in the end!


The Powers of Water and Ice: Two Mages


Water…. Earth…. Fire…. Air….

Four nations lived together in harmony…

Then everything changed…

When the water nation attacked…


Okay so basically this ship is about my second favorite ship, Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Locksar!



Juvia and Gray

Okay, I am being completely honest. At first I did not like this ship at all at first. Juvia seemed a little too awkward to be with Gray, she wasn’t even part of the main character series, so I assumed that she did not have a single chance with Gray. However they both did have similar related powers… That being water and ice.

Juvia starts off as a very gloomy person who is constantly followed by rain. Her backstory goes as that she was being constantly rejected by people who she had crushes on or even just by friends. This was until the head of the phantom hive guild had taken her in to show the powers that she can do. She then became to be one of the five strongest in the guild!


Juvia’s first appearance

Juvia then meets Gray, since their guild are rivals, they had both fought. However, Juvia fell in love with Gray after finding out how much he can care for a person. Juvia was so infatuated, despite just meeting, that she did not really want to fight him. However in the end, he did stop her gloomy, causing her to first see sunlight in a long time. How cute!

As the series progresses, Juvia then later joined Gray’s guild Fairy Tail, since he did tell her she could join. Juvia has protected Gray from many villains, saving his life many times. Same vise-verse. Juvia loves to show her affection for Gray, even changing for him many times!


All the different styles Juvia has gone through since the beginning of the series.

On Gray’s side however, there is a different story. Gray is very tsunderish… Meaning that he tends to be very cold and hostile towards a person, then gradually showing a warmer side. Thus meaning, he does not show much affection towards the things surrounding him that Juvia does for him. Despite that as the series progresses Gray does show affection, love and care for Juvia.


Okay, I am going to discuss the infamous chapter and scenes of these two. The most popular being 413 Days. 413 Days is an episode that shows how much Juvia cares about Gray’s life. This episode also shows about how much Gray does accept the things Juvia does that reminds him of his old master, Ur. (Episode 220 for anime watchers, omake chapter 29 for manga readers.)

Let’s Go Back In Time…: Two Childhood Friends.


Hinazuki Kayo and Satoru Fujinuma



Oh man… these guys are so cute, why didn’t the ship sail…???
This actually isn’t a ship post, because it’ll turn out more into a rant since I do ship Satoru with Airi.



Anyways,  if you haven’t seen the series Erased or Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, I highly recommend you do it is about Satoru Fujinuma who is able to go back into time to fix a problem that is happening currently. I cannot say too much of the series, but still… As much as you all want to ship Hinazuki and Satoru, it just doesn’t. I mean this is still cute though…

Now to the ship.

Hinazuki Kayo was a small girl who was killed by somebody 15 years ago, which causes later events now that makes Satoru Fujinuma’s life horrible. The same killer then kills his mother… That’s when he goes back in time 15 years to fix what has now happened, where it all started with Hinazuki. Since Satoru is now 15 years, he starts off back at his elementary school.


Hinazuki and Satoru in a bus.

Satoru needs to find a way to keep Hinazuki alive, so that the outcome of the future does not end up badly. Satoru spends time with Hinazuki, trying to stop the abusive relationship between her and her mother. Hinazuki lives with an abusive mother and a drunken father, however the parents were never married. Hinazuki’s mother had beaten her up since the actual dad had scarred her. Since Hinazuki looked familiar to the father, the mother hated her, thus causing this abuse. Honestly I think she is a dankish ill-nurtured harpy.  Satoru later on fixes this relationship, causing Hinazuki to live with her grandmother, after having their house be inspected.


Hinazuki and Satoru being surprised having their birthday party!

Hinazuki and Satoru even celebrated their birthday together! Satoru walked her home and took care of her. He had always looked after her. He constantly made sure she was safe and not alone. They even went out on a date in a museum. Awe just how cute can kids get!? However in the end Satoru went through a coma for 15 years… He was not able to talk to her. Hinazuki then married one of his best friends, and had a kid with him. HOW SAD OH NO!

*deeply sighs* Aw man, I really disliked that so much… It would have been perfect too…


Scenes of Airi and Satoru. How cute!

But then again Airi and Satoru are also well together. Airi and Satoru worked together, and while Satoru was being hunted down by police, she took care of him. In the end of the series, a blue butterfly appears, showing a change in future (maybe?). This may indicate that she is the one for him… But oh well. Go read the manga to find out!


Will You Let Your Fate Decide?: MU and Jakob? MU and Felicia?

Hey guys! So I am not sure if everyone has heard about the new game Fire Emblem Fates, however this is what this blog post is about!


(From left to right) Gunther, Flora, Camilla, Elise, Leo, Xander, Female Unit, Azura, Male Unit, Ryouma, Takumi, Hinoka, Sakura, Felicia, and Jakob.

First things first, Fire Emblem is a series made by Nintendo. It is a dating sim game with battles! Just kidding! Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG game. It has many references to other mythologies, however it takes place in a medieval style setting. There are 14 games so far, however only half were made in English…

Back to the ship. I am shipping these two…


Female Unit and Jakob

And these two!


Male Unit and Felicia

Jakob is actually your butler, and Felicia is actually your maid. Both characters try to find you when you get taken to Hoshido.


I Open Up the Gate to Unlock Your Heart: A Ship About the Princess and the Dragon


-laughs- I am sorry that it is obvious…. oh who am I kidding, its just clearly the OTP!

Okay anyways, Fairy Tail is a show about mages in the guild, well, Fairy Tail! It is clearly seen that Natsu and Lucy, are shipped in the first episode, welllllll…. episodes.

In the first episode Lucy had fell into a magic spell that allowed a person to fall in love with someone else. However, it was said this spell can only be disrupted if the person finds their soulmate, and at that exact moment, Natsu stepped in. This allowed Lucy to snap out of the spell.


Charm Theory.


(Left to right) Natsu, Happy, Lucy.

Natsu, Lucy and Happy are the main team shown in the entire series. Natsu and Lucy wear matching outfits throughout the anime and manga.

Hiro Mashima, the creator even made a whole arc, also known as season for them!
It is known as the Keys to the Starry Sky. Although, it was a filler, or a season to fill in before they caught up with the book.


Lucy’s Book of Key of the Starry Heaven.

The creator had also confessed that Lucy does have a crush on Natsu, it is even hinted on a special chapter where they take care of the little child, Asuka.
Asuka asks them to give each other a kiss like how her parents do! However, Lucy got embarrassed and unfortunately gave Happy to Natsu…


Extra chapter, almost kiss…

In the movie, The Phoenix Priestess, a famous art has called Nalu cannon!


Movie picture.

Lucy went up to Natsu because she had started crying over what happened to the Priestess… Natsu hugged her and tried comforting her.

After the movie, the Grand Magical Games arc started. The Grand Magical Games had shown a lot about the two, even more when Lucy had been hurt by Minerva, a powerful witch. Natsu and Gray both ran to catch her before she fell. Natsu promised to take revenge…

Now no more spoilers and watch the show yourself! I really recommend it! There are a few rival ships such as Nali, Graylu, Lolu, however this one takes the cake! Hopefully not Erza’s…


This Time it is Not Alpha and Omega?: A Ship About Wind and Fire

For those of you who do not know what TOME is I will explain it right now! But first of all I will credit the person who made this awesome, fantastic, creative story! Chris Niosi, or as many fans know him as “Kibopher15, Christopher, but Kirbier.”

Here is a link to the TOME Website:

TOME was all made from these two great people: Chris Niosi and Michael Lucas. Christ did animation and editing while Michael did music and storyline.


TOME or also known as The Terrain of Magical Expertise is an online virtual reality game created in 2020. It is a vast cybernetic world that allows players all over globe to play with one another. People can interact socially or do battles. Anyone can create their own unique character with their own weapons or abilities! However we are going to talk about the main five characters!


(Left To Right) Alpha, Kibopher, Flame Girl, Gamecrazed, Nylock

I cannot actually spread too much of what happens so I will say the few beginning episodes! Nor can I actually say much about the other characters since…



Season 1 Alpha and Flamegirl


Alpha and Flamegirl start off as a shy cutesy kind of friendship. However as the series continues, their friendship turns into a great bond with each other. Not just with each other, but with the other characters too. Despite that, Alpha actually does have a crush on Flamegirl on the first few episodes. As shown when he is cutely blushing when talking to Flamegirl at the campfire (AW HOW CUTE!). Alpha is shown to care for Flamegirl when people go after her, as shown in the third episode. As people try to ignominiously hurt Flamegirl, Alpha is sure to save her.

As the series continues their relationship develops, as shown as Alpha now currently calls her Steph, or Stephane. Also how they worked together at the of the Gemini tournament and especially the final episode. (Oh my gosh, a post with almost no spoilers, this is amazing!)

However noting no spoilers, I will declare that it is not announced that the ship is canon, although it is known that it is most likely official!

Big and Little: A Ship about a Giant and a Fairy


Let’s get to know the characters first!
King and Diane are both partners in a group called the Seven Deadly Sins.
King is the sloth sin, while Diane is the envy sin. King is a fairy, while Diane is a giant.

images (7)

Comparison in height.

Diane is actually in love with the head leader, Meliodas. However King is madly in love with Diane. They share a huge background together which I will explain in a little bit!

Despite their height being a huge difference. Their feelings for each other is the same. Despite missing some memories Diane does realize she is slowly falling in love with King. King treats Diane very sweet and kindly. He is very shy around her and likes to somewhat spoil her. Its really quite cute since many of the characters realizes his crush towards her and makes fun of him for it (In a teasing way of course! Bullying is NOT tolerated!).


King and Diane as kids.


Diane and King were actually best friends when they were younger, but an incident came where King forced her to lose her memories of him. Both characters taught each other many different things, such as King making Diane’s clothing. They used to play tag with the kids in the village. Once, Diane had gotten sick and an old passerby came and helped Diane get better. The old passerby mentions that they are both lovers and blushed. They both showed signs of love to one another before her memories was lost. King promised he will always love her no matter what. (That’s soooo cute!)

King has made a huge difference in his looks and attitude for her to notice him. Although she barely does, until she regains her memories after a long time in the series.

images (8).jpeg

Ship it guys… Look at that face.

Diane receives all her memories, meaning she remembers King taking care of her as a child. However, King runs away, not wanting to see Diane after all that has happened. Diane wishing for him to come back, just waits for him…

However another incident came where she loses her memories again! This time she does not remember anything except her old tribe of giants (OH NO!)!

Well, the story is still continuing so we do not know if it is cannon… yet… But let us hope it is!

About Me!


Heeey, I guess we have not done this so I am doing this now!

First thing you should know is that my name is Mar, aka the Ship Lord or Marth of course. No I’m kidding, I am just your regular outgoing fangirl who watches some animes, reads a lot of manga, plays Nintendo games and many others! I also like to draw, bake, and many more!


Actually, I have the same dreams as Izumi.   I have been drawing since my fourth grade year. Many people say I’m talented, but many of my classmates are too! Although, I would also love to be a graphic engineer.


I am actually a really bad proof reader, so I usually have someone else proof read for me… (cough cough you know who you are…)

I am very passionate about writing debates, hence why I decided to write about ships! Since we always have debates about what should actually be together, even if its fake or fan made. Either way everyone has their own beliefs and I respect that. I just want to show my beliefs and compare them to others, creating ship wars.


My number one OTP (One True Pairing) is actually Sonamy, also known as Sonic X Amy. Which will be featured in a ship war.


My second being Gruvia (Gray X Juvia from Fairy Tail). Which will be featured as a regular ship.


Third being Special Shipping (Yellow X Red from the Pokemon Adventures Series).  Which will be shown as a ship war.


I really hope you tell me all about your ships so I may one day write about them (Be aware I might disagree making it a ship war… MWAHAHAHAHAHA)!

Well thanks, I hope you guys will like the next post and baiiiii or byeeeee!~


The Legend or The Twilight Princess?: Ship War Between Zelink and Midlink


Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Legend of Zelda

Zelink, no offense, is already canon. Without Zelda and Link we would not have any story. Zelink has started out all the way since the first Zelda game.


Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda normally has Link saving Zelda from any mishaps, even from Toon Link to Young Link to Adult Link to etc. Do you not find that romantic? That no matter what Link will always save Zelda? It is actually really cute, no wonder why a lot of people -coughs it should be everyone- ship them together.

The number one game of proof should be Skyward Sword, where we see Zelda and Link as childhood friends. Although, Link does have a love rival, but Zelda clearly does not like him at all. Groose, Links bully, ridicules him of not being worthy enough for Zelda, but Zelda comes in and helps Link with the situation. As the story progress, Link becomes very attached to Zelda, even keeping the momento of her scarf (I actually do not know what it is…) throughout the whole series. He always wants to find her and make sure she is safe during the whole story. Zelda has shown her feelings all throughout the story, especially during the first scene where she…. well…. pushes him off the ledge, being a bit anti-climatic, since everyone was hoping for a confession or a kiss (Ah, they are SO cute together! No, really I am so not kidding, go play the game or something).

MIDLINK’S TURN! (Hahahaha good luck you WILL need it!)


both types of Link and Midna

Always? Are you sure Link will always save Zelda? What if there is no Zelda to save? Zelink, yes, is cannon, but does simply everyone approve through every game? This, I can assure you, is false. Throughout the Zelda series, Zelda does not appear much in the story, this also goes with the games with Toon Link and Zelda, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks in which Zelda does interact with the story, but not as much as we all might hope. Zelda is only there to be saved and has no true interaction with Link throughout the games, she is monarchy after all, what else could you expect in an era such as this?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the first and only game that actually includes an overly interactive character, Midna, besides Navi who wasn’t exactly pushing in with the feels anywhere throughout Ocarina of Time besides the part where she completely deserted Link, or Tatl who could also be considered a strongly interactive companion, but considering Tatl only really shows a love to be with her brother Tael again, that ship seems to have already sunken.


If you have played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess then you know how Link and Midna’s relationship start out, they both pretty much hate each other, and are only in this whole mess together just to save the people they love, for Link, the people of Hyrule, and for Midna, the Twilight realm, but as the story progresses we begin to notice a large change in how they interact. Twilight Princess’s story has a lot put into it, in fact it is the longest Legend of Zelda yet, and in a story like this, there must be a great factor of drama, and it does! As you make it through the dungeons in the beginning of the game to learn really what’s going on in Hyrule, Link and Midna still aren’t very fond of each other, but once they make it to a point mid game where you meet Faron, that’s when hell breaks loose and Midna really starts to show care for the task and realizes how important Link has become to her as she is threatened by Zant, Up until just about the end of the game things stay this way. In the last cut scenes of the game, after your precious Zelda is saved along with the rest of Hyrule, Midna is pleaded by everyone not to leave, and does promise she wont, but she ends up sneaking off to the portal into the Twilight realm, Zelda is present at her departure where she sheds a tear in her sadness having to leave Link, the boy who saved her and the rest of Hyrule and her people of the Twilight realm alike.


Zelda, Malon, and Ruto chasing Link

Now I question you, Zelink fans, where was Zelda during all of this? Yes I do realize she was trapped and had no way of escaping, but this also goes for question in all of the other Zelda games, Where is Zelda? How is this ship proven anywhere throughout all of the games? And how could any of it possibly compare to the absolute strength of love between Link and Midna? Ask yourself this the next time you question which ship is more loyal than the other.

Well Zelink, what do you think? Do you really have what it takes to shove us, Midlink, off the podium once and for all? Especially with the so called “ship buildup” throughout the Legend of Zelda franchise? Is Zelink really so feels-y as we think it is?


Zelink in Twilight Princess does appear, however very slight. Link will alway try to save Zelda, in the first few cut scenes of the game, Link finds Zelda locked away in a tower. Zelda comes by and helps him, not a lot but a bit. It may not always be Link saving Zelda, but Zelda can surely at least stay by Link’s side to help him. Zelda will always find a way to end the game off with Link, showing the fact that in a lot of the series there is no one else besides him and Zelda. (Well with the exceptions of some helping characters…)


Comment down below who YOU think is the true ship!
PS: Link does have… Many chains….